At AD COLOUR we offer two types of flooring and can help you decide what type of flooring is right for your needs

With the ever changing regulations there is one thing that often get overlooked?

The reclaiming area, especially the flooring that is there?

Many chemicals and solvents used in the reclaiming of screen contain surfactants that will make the floor surface slippery.

So choosing the right flooring to suit your needs is especially important.


HIGHEST QUALITY 10MM THICK DRAINING FLOOR TILES designed for a variety                                               WASH_ROOM_TILE

of application were water will be used. These tiles help ventilate the floor allowing

drainage and air movement, ensuring a dry anti-slip surface.

Made from POLYPROPYLENE, these tiles are resistant to oil, chemicals, solvents

and will provide a reliable solution for long term use. With insulation properties,

these tiles are suitable for commercial application and will create an attractive,

durable and low maintenance all-purpose floor finish ideal for wash room and exposure areas.


Floor tiles @ $12.00 each 37.8 x 37.8cm                               



There is also corner and edging strips to complete your floor and 


these are available as follows:


Set of 4 corner pieces for floor tiles made from polypropylene and

is chemical and solvent resistant. @ $18.00 per set.

The side edging pieces come in a set of 4 and a size 37.8cm x 5.5cm made from polypropylene and is chemical and solvent resistant. @ $25.00 per set