How Can We Improve Your Place In Our Industry?


Our classes and tutoring can accomplish this.  The many benefits of having properly designed classes to meet the ever changing needs of those in the electrical field in Metropolitan Atlanta is our goal.  Please examine our current classes and make suggestions for new classes you might like for you or your company.

Continuing Education is necessary due to the NEC changing every three years.  Knowledge of these changes is necessary so that costly mistakes can be avoided and should help to make your company more profitable and efficient.  At this time most classes are held in the Decatur, Georgia area at 196 Rio Circle 30032.  Some Continuing Education Classes will be in alternate locations due to size or to make it more convenient for students to attend.  We cover the code changes, but also focus on the use of different techniques that can add value to your jobs at a reduced price.  We also look at new electrical markets and how you can be a leader in such things as solar installations, the new microgrid technology, green construction practices, and how to implement a proper safety program for your company.

Our Georgia Approved Licensing Class uses teaching methods that have been very effective.  Our current passing percentage for the state licensing exam is over 75%.  Others have improved their skills as estimators and project managers by attending our estimating class.  Many are applying the lessons they have learned here to be successful with their new or existing businesses.  This 12 week course is also a 48 hour continuing education program for those that feel the need to have an in depth look at the current electrical codes.

The Estimating and Profitable Sales Class is 24 hours of continuing education that shows how to not just estimate properly, but how to avoid many of the costly mistakes made by new and oftentimes established businesses.  This class covers how to calculate your true overhead, how to choose and keep good customers, how to properly value engineer jobs, and mainly how to make sure you and your company are profitable.

If you are interested in any of these classes please examine our catalog.   Individualized instruction will be offered to companies that desire it.  Fees and dates can be arranged if you contact me.  We have also added Paypal's 6 month with no interest plan to the website.


Thank you for your interest,           

David Moss 

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