Latest Minutes

Latest Minutes


DECEMBER 2, 2019


Booster Board Members:

President-Manou Chahmirzadi

VP-Rob Knanishu

Secretary-Christine Fleury

Treasurer-Brian LeFevre

Voting members-Julie Stuttle, Karen Yunker, Chris Ignoffo, Mandi Moss, Josh Bulak, Dave Andrews, Noel Granberg, Cathleen Neibch, Jessica Bainter


Present @ Meeting:

Manou Chahmirzadi, Brian LeFevre, Christine Fleury, Rob Knanishu, Jessica Bainter, Chris Ignoffo, Karen Yunker, Cathleen Neibch, Dave Andrews, Noel Granberg, Julie Stuttle, Mandi Moss, Josh Bulak, Debbie Pierce, Nikki Crum, Shiloh Myers, Ralph Henning, Susan Ungsted


Meeting Called to order at 7:05pm


Approval of Minutes from November 4, 2019 Meeting.  Manou C 1st, Rob K. 2nd , Passed.


TREASURER/Brian LeFevre:

               -Concessions Revenue in November $4,412, YTD $21,972

               -Sponsorship Revenue in November $1,950, YTD $44,250

               -Concessions Expenses in November $5,955, YTD $23,961

               -Expenses: Sams Club $4,727, $150 to Dog Pound, Wish List items (pole vault landing system & volleyball uniforms/cheer mat for RMS)

               -Football concessions revenue $14,207 for all games (one less home game this year) and 2 playoff games*low attendance/bad weather. Does not include meal tickets, Brian to transfer approx. $5K-$6K for membership food tickets redeemed increasing football concessions revenue. Overall FB concessions numbers down and in line with the decrease in attendance compared to previous years.

               -Concern over BATV airing games and lower attendance numbers leading to less money raised from concessions and BHS ticket sales. Dave suggested talking to restaurants that are televising games and ask about sponsorships or ways to give back to the Boosters as the games are bringing in customers and attendance/revenue is down at games affecting our fundraising efforts. Also, reach out to BATV with concerns.  Dave & Manou to continue discussion on this topic.

               -Negative concessions profit will bounce back after November.  Winter sports concession “banks” without revenue yet and all bills paid in November.

               -Cash on hand $150,136

-November Financials presented. Motion to approve by Rob K 1st, Manou C 2nd. Passed.

               -Copy of financial report filed with meeting minutes.



High School/Dave Andrews:

               -Winter sports in action. Boys BBall Ken Peddy Tourney 2nd place, Girls BBall traveled to overnight Morton, IL Tourney, Wrestling event. Gymnastics has 26 athletes (highest participation) Only 1 home meet this year and it is December 6th  6pm at Excel, gymnastics requesting 150 chairs at excel for meet expecting big crowds!

               -Girls CC finished 4th at State Competition

               -Bowling State Competition: BHS does not have a Bowling Team, although Individuals are allowed to enter to compete at State competition.  BHS students have competed the last 2 years, Currently a Dad as coach with his 2 sons (Sophomore & Senior). This year IHSA is requiring Coaches to wear matching shirts with the student athletes.  Graphic Edge is designing shirts and Dave A. asking if Boosters would be willing to pay for Bowling Shirts for State competition? Dave cannot pay for out of school account because BHS does not have an official bowling “Team”. Approx cost $100.  Suggestion to purchase a few additional shirts to have on hand for future individuals.


Motion to approve $200 for purchase of State Bowling Shirts. Rob K 1st, Mandi Moss 2nd, Passed.


Middle School/Josh Bulak:

               -Winter Sports in action. Upcoming Big RMS events @BHS: 12/9 Boys BBall Red vs Gold, 12/19 Wrestling.



Concessions/Tina Bleakey, Holly Mapes, Noel Granberg:

               -Manou: we received report from Health Department and certificate good for the school year.  Certificate is on the wall in concessions.

-Noel reported outdoor inventory has all been moved to indoor concessions. Lots of inventory due to low FB numbers.

-Can FB banquet on 12/10 use leftover brats/hotdogs? Cathleen N. to coordinate if necessary.

-Lots of expired Sprite this Fall, being donated to Ken Peddy Tournament Hospitality & FB banquet.


Advertising & Marketing/Chris Ignoffo:

               -Waiting for a few pictures to complete the Winter Program.  Expect to be completed by Mid-December. Chris & Sarah Ahrens working on it.


Membership/Janet Knecht, Susan Ungstad, Lynn Barus, Tracy Cheaney:

               -299 Total Memberships YTD


Website/Ralph Henning:

               -Names of interested replacements for Ralph should be funneled to Ralph. Ralph moving in January, however is available to work with replacement using shared screens and will be available long distance to help as necessary. Easy interface to use. Need to refresh pictures, add wish list, monthly minutes and recent events to website.

               -Manou suggested promoting our Student Athletes who are continuing their athletic careers in college and recognize them on the Booster Website, “Where are they now?” Former Bulldog stories.

               -Mandi Moss thanked Ralph and called him a “Lifesaver”! Also, important to continue to streamline emails to be generic without individual specific passwords and logins. Generic committee emails related to Boosters listed on Booster website.


Liaisons/Karen Yunker:

               -All winter sports have their concessions bank and key.

               -Special “shout out” to Shiloh, Amy & Andrea for concessions last week. Andrea Alwin Boys BBall tournament concessions $2423!!

               -Shiloh reported huge wrestling event Wednesday before Thanksgiving and Girls @Homewood, Freshman 2nd@West Chicago. Next big event hosting at BHS on 12/6 @6pm

               -Nikki reported Boys swimming has 30 boys participating between Batavia, Geneva &West Chicago. 15 of the boys are Batavia. Biggest team ever! Several meets next week and team volunteered at Fox & Turkey Run on Thanksgiving.

               -Karen reported Dance Team is hosting Huge Event @BHS 12/7 8:30am-4pm. 26 Varsity & 13 JV squads. Each squad will perform twice. Dance parents are donating food & drinks. BHS clubs are volunteering to help.


Dinner Dance/Jessica Bainter:

               -It is “Go Time!”, First DD meeting 12/9 6:30pm @downtown Panera Bread.

-Still Gathering Fall Sports money from Liaisons. Received Check from Tennis. Still need FB, Girls CC, Golf, Cheer, Girls Swim (being collected at banquet and date not set yet).

-Going forward, suggest gathering $$ at the start of the season and not wait for the banquet.

-Sponsorships updated and will be posting updated on Website by Ralph.


Scholarship/Julie Stuttle:

               -April 24th deadline.


Tee Off for Turf/Julie Stuttle:

               -January 19th 2020, NEED PEOPLE TO SIGN UP!!!! Currently 5 individual and 1 Team signups.

               -Need Sponsors, Julie passed out brochures to everyone with info share. Julie has signs if anyone is interested in posting.

               -Student Athletic Board will be hanging signs around town and work on getting signups.

               -Event details: $90 individual or $500 Team of 6 with Early Bird Pricing by 12/18/19, Final signup 1/16/20

               -Any donations accepted, if donating items for swag bag need 250 items.

               -Minimum 250 participants (participants need to be 21 years or over)


Corn Boil/Mandi Moss: Nothing to Report



President/Manou Chahmirzadi:

-Executive Board Needs for 2020-2021. Vice President Nominations? Possible replacement for Treasurer.

               -Food App, suggested passing on using due to amount of money to use it. Does not make financial sense.


Vice President/Rob Knanishu: No Report


Secretary/Christine Fleury:

               -Team Fundraising, Winter sport teams currently participating in “team fundraisers”. Suggest teams communicate specific “needs” for their fundraiser and athletes/parents understand the “why” behind the team fundraisers.  If questions regarding Boosters fundraising versus team fundraising items, reference the Boosters website for the mission statement and list of wish list items along with financials to explain Booster fundraising efforts. Website will be updated with current wish list and financials.

               -Brian mentioned we will decide by Spring if we will renegotiate with district on uniform purchase or pay extra on turf.

               -Dave Andrews confirmed there are Board Policies for Team Fundraising.


PARENT LIAISONS: Nothing to report beyond what has already been documented above.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:18pm. Manou C 1st, Christine F 2nd


Next Meeting January 6, 2019 Room A101 Batavia High School @7pm.