About Belgrade St

BELGRADE ST was created to celebrate our memories of growing up and the desire to reminisce about it!  I grew up in a great neighborhood during a great time and I began wishing I had a t-shirt with that team logo on it or that toy I had when I was a kid!  So, I started re-making designs of sports teams I routed for and the toys and games I played with -- that led to TV shows and movies I watched.  I then started thinking about the bordering neighborhoods and the cultures that made them great -- I wanted to represent them in a fun way and then came the MASHUP!  I would often see creative people mashing 2 different movies or characters in art and I thought it would be fun to do someting like that with my city, "Philly" as the inspiration and mashing it up with brands, cultures, etc.  

BELGRADE ST tees are made using the highest quality shirts from the best known manufacturers -- such as NextLevel. BELGRADE ST uses quality printing methods like Direct To Garment (DTG) and Silk Screening to achieve the best look for each individual design.  Each BELGRADE ST item is made by me and inspected before I ship it.  I want to ensure that each tee has a long lifespan that naturally wears and becomes one of your favorites you can't live without.

My goal is to create designs that represent the wearer which can be worn proudly as a statement -- whether it's a childhood memory or cultural representation.  Whatever you choose -- thank you for visiting BELGRADE ST and WELCOME TO THE NEIGHBORHOOD!


Janine (BELGRADE ST Creator)