Helpful Links

Helpful Links

~To Learn The Ins & Outs of Straight Razor Shaving

One of the best ways to learn about straight razor shaving is to join a forum.
Forums are free and much can be learned. Two well recognized forums are,
"The Straight Razor Place" and "Badger and Blade". These two forums are made up of experienced members from all over the world who are willing to give free advice and come to one's aid when the need arises. Links for these forums are;


~Another Great Learning Aid

Also In additioin to the above two forums, a very helpful tool is a 3-1/2 hour long DVD that was produced by the founder of the two above forums, Lynn Abrams. This DVD covers all the facits of straight razor shaving including honing, stropping, care of razors, and an actual shaving demonstration, and many other helpful tips. This DVD can be purchased at this link, 


~Interested In Restorations ???

If you are interested in straight razor restorations the best instructional "how to" CD that I know of is one that has over an hour of instructions that will get you well on your way to razor restorations. It was made by master knife maker and straight razor restoration expert, Bill Ellis and sold by him at this link,