Track II: Codologie Winter Camps

Track II: Codologie Winter Camps

Track II: Codologie Winter Camps

Mathobotix STEM Labs offer two tracks of 'mini-project'-based STEM Camps for 1st - 12th grade students.Seasonal camps during winter, spring, and summer are available at our Irvine and Los Alamitos labs, and during summer at several other SoCal locations!

Track II, Codologie - Learn to Code, Code to Learn series of camps, lets students explore computer programming and application development using real-world open source hardware and software learning platforms. Explore fun "mini-project" based hands-on labs. Raspberry Pi is a small but powerful computer designed to help your child understand and explore the almost-magical world of computing.This camp is designed to support familiarity and increasing fluency with computational creativity and computational thinking. In particular, depending on the interest and skill level, the different programming projects encourage exploration of key computational thinking concepts (sequence, loops, parallelism, events, conditionals, operators, data) and key computational thinking practices (experimenting and iterating, testing and debugging, reusing and remixing, abstracting and modularizing).

Winter Camp Schedule:

  • Camp I: Dec 26 - 29 || Tue - Fri. All-Day: 9AM - 4PM
  • Camp II: Jan 2 - 5 || Tue - Fri. All-Day: 9AM - 4PM

Please Note: No half-day camps available.

Both Track I and II complement each other. First-time participants with no prior experience should try Track I first before venturing into Track II.

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New Codologie - Comp Sci 2.0 Winter Camp

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