OpenTech 3.0 Winter Camps - High School

OpenTech 3.0 Winter Camps for High School Students

OpenTech 3.0 Winter Camps for High School Students

Explore your future STEM educational and career paths!

Mathobotix STEM Labs present exciting STEMPreneurship camps

||Cool DIY Projects||Arduino & Raspberry PI Hardware || Python and Java/C Programming ||

Sample Projects: Home Automation, LilyPad Arduino Wearable Electronic Craft Project, Self-watering plant pot, Rescue Robotics, OptoBotics, Mobile app development, eCommerce Web Application Development, Game App Development and More!

Form a virtual company. Make a product or create a service using a combination of STEM knowledge and skills. Open Learning projects help team members explore some of the open source hardware (Arduino Controllers) and software (Python), Technical Writing, BOM, Designing, Scientific Research Method, Problem Solving Skills, Learning how to Learn, Presentation Skills, etc., while having fun! Teams will share and present their completed projects the last hour of the camp on Friday. 

Here is a video of a cool Raspberry PI project demonstrated by one of our STEM mentors. The Project uses accelerometer and Gyroscope. Emulates Theremin musical instrument, and Drums. Click Here to watch Raspberry PI Project Demo.


Language & Communication: Students write Project Reports and present their project to audience and explain how their program works and how they solved their problems.
Soft Skills: 5Cs: Critical thinking, Creative problem-solving, Communication, Collaboration, and Cross-cultural relationship building.
Learning Activities: Hands-on Lab, Short Presentations, Writing, Team Review, and Research

Course Name: STEMPreneur Summer Camps

Lab Location: Mathobotix Irvine, and Los Alamitos Labs

Camp Type: Weekly Day Camps

Grade: Entering high school, Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior

Winter Camps Schedule:

  • Camp I: Dec 26 - 29 || Tue - Fri. All-Day: 9AM - 4PM
  • Camp II: Jan 2 - 5 || Tue - Fri. All-Day: 9AM - 4PM

Camp Hours: 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

Additional Notes: Camper must choose a project/theme. Team work and research required.

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