Open House

Open House

Open House

Open House for Students and Parents

Join our Open House to get a first-hand experience and see how your kids can learn grade level academic subjects in our STEM Labs through our four signature series of after-school programs: Buildologie® and Codologie® Gamologie® and Appologie®. K-12 students are welcome to attend the Open House.
The open house includes the following activities:

Show & Tell by current Mathobotix young Engineers and Scientists, when avaliablble.
Short presentation on our program. Hands-on and/or interactive sample experience of our programs. Subject to availability.
Q and A on the following topics:

  • Bytes & Bots after-school classes.
  • Bytes & Bots STEM Clubs - a great choice for high school students.
  • Mathobotix Buildologie® and Codologie® Spring, Winter, and Summer camps
  • STEM Competitions: MiniMAKEathon, FIRST(Jr.FLL, FLL, FTC, and FRC), Science Olympiad, Astounding Inventions, Orange County Science and Engineering Fair, Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (Intel ISEF), and more.
  • Integrated STEM education and Project-based curriculum.

Please Note: No food/drinks in the lab!

Mathobotix Open House Schedule:
Event Name Location Date/Day Time RSVP

Mathobotix Bytes & Bots Labs Irvine Open House


Dec 30, 2017

3.00 PM to 5.00 PM

Mathobotix Bytes & Bots Labs Los Alamitos

Dec 09, 2017 3.00 PM to 5.00 PM RSVP Here