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Classically Catholic Memory…A Catholic homeschool memory work program, classical in nature, that guides parents and children in mastering challenging and inspiring material in eight subjects: Religion, Latin, History, Science, Math, Timeline, Geography, and Great Words.

How is Classically Catholic Memory classical? How is it Catholic? What is memory work and why should we want to add it to our homeschooling? For the answers to these questions and more, visit the What is CCM? section of the web site.


***** SEPTEMBER 14, 2019: IMPORTANT NEWS *****

When ordering materials through our website, please make your payment selection by choosing either "PayPal Express Checkout" or "Credit Card" from the "Payment method" dropdown box.  In some instances, however, you may receive an email confirming your order, without your payment actually going through.  In these instances, we will notify you via email that the payment did not go through and offer you options for completing your purchase should you still wish to do so.

Finally, please note that Classically Catholic Memory is a small family business that we run during evening hours and weekends.  Therefore, we may not return emails or phone calls as quickly as  "normal" businesses do.  We appreciate your understanding and your patience with us.  Have a blessed day!