Kiln Firing Space

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Kiln Firing Space for January 2024.    

This item pays for 10 cubic feet Kiln space for your pots in the Jan-Feb 2024 Kiln Walk wood kilns firing

The kiln space payment applies to space in either /or both the Anagama kiln and or the Ralph Howards Phillips Groundhog kiln. The firing managers are using pots for both kilns as needed.

Pay only if you already have space granted and simply need a payment method.

Unconfirmed space might already be sold out.


Please note that a paid membership is required for this purchase. The online checkout process does not check for this requirement so please ensure your membership is paid with this now or is active from a previous payment. The 10 cu. ft may be shared with others.

In addition to membership, kiln space purchase also requires a committment to participate - work - in the firing. Please call Kiln Walk. Check the Contact Info page, link below.




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