Lunchbox Milestones

Lunchbox Milestones

January 17,2019

Edna's sold its 2 MILLIONTH Lunchbox!!! Thank you OKC! Congrats Matt Cook!

2 Millionth Lunchbox


Thank you OKC & Heather
We just sold our 1,750,000th Lunchbox!!!
August 17,2017

1,750,000th Lunchbox


March 15, 2016

Yeah Jake, the recipient of Edna's 1,500,000 Lunchbox!

1,500,000 Lunchbox

1,250,000 Lunchbox!


Congratulations David S.on

Edna's 1,250,000 Lunchbox!





August 28, 2014




Edna's sells Millionth Lunchbox!

February 5, 2013

Bryan Miller of Little Rock had the good fortune of purchasing Edna's 1 millionth Lunchbox.





These folks had Edna's 400,000 Lunchbox in June 2009. Embarassing, but we don't even know their name :(




Rylie has the 200,000 Lunchbox at Edna's!


Congratulations Jenna Jameson

 on Edna's 125,000 Lunchbox!!! June 2007



Edna's hits 50,000 Lunchboxes in August of 2006. Kris, Matt, Lauren, Harry,
 and Court made sure they were in on the big celebration.



In April of 2006, Matt (Mr. 25,000) as we affectionately call him, was lucky enough to have purchased the 25,000 Lunchbox.



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