Mira Furlan Autograph (starred in Babylon 5: Ambassador . Delenn)

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Mira Furlan Official Autograph Card #MF4 Furlan graduated from the Academy for Dramatic Arts in Zagreb and holds a university degree, equivalent to a B.A., in theatre.[2] She was a member of the Croatian National Theatre and frequently appeared in Yugoslav television and films, including Cannes Film Festival winner When Father Was Away on Business (1985). In the 1980s, she briefly appeared as singer for Le Cinema, a spin-off from the rock band Film. She appeared on the stage in New York City and Los Angeles. She released an album, Songs From Movies That Have Never Been Made. She played Minbari Ambassador Delenn for all five seasons of Babylon 5, and some of the associated TV movies. From 2004–2010 she played Danielle Rousseau on Lost. In 2002, she returned to Croatia after some eleven years to take the lead role in Rade Šerbedžija's Ulysses Theatre Company's production of Euripides' Medea. A collection of her columns in the now-defunct Croatian magazine, Feral Tribune, was published as a book in 2010

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