Q. Why are your prices lower than other websites? Are the products factory seconds or something?

A. All of our products are top quality, with manufacturers warranties in place. No product is defective or of "second" quality. Our profit margins are kept as low as we can, to ensure all of our customers can benefit from purchasing our products. On our site never again will a customer be burned by the greed of retailers. We promise to make it easy for you to get the products you need to get maximum results in the field.


Q. I need a specific size and pattern, but don't see it listed, can you get it?

A. We do have many more products than we have time to put up on the site. If ever you need a different size or color, whether it be clothing, shafts, broadheads, bows etc. Please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Q. My order arrived, but it's not right. Now what?

A. That's easy! Just contact us and get a Return Authorization number. The RA number must be on the outside of the shipping carton clearly seen or it will be refused at our warehouse. Ship it back in the original  box with all accessories and manuals etc. Item must be in re-salable condition so please do not use it first. Item must be received back within 10 days.

Q. My compound bow arrived, but now I'm having trouble fine tuning my bow. Can you do it?

A.  While we don't service our bows ourselves, you can take it to any Authorized Dealer for service and adjustment. We can help you with any technical issues you may have with any of our products.

Q. I'm not handy with my hands and am leery about buying a bow I have to put together. Any suggestions?

A.  While a lot of our compound bows need to be put together, there are fully assembled bows available. These vary from manufacturer but are called "Ready to Shoot"  "RAK" "Ready Aim Shoot"etc. If unsure about the bow you are interested in just contact us.

Q.  I read the article about The Trophy Bag Kooler. It seems like a pretty cool product, but I don't game hunt. Can I use it for fish too?

A.  The Trophy Bag Kooler was originally intended for game animals but does have other uses. You will be thrilled at how fish can be stored and kept safe for your dinner table in the Trophy Bag Kooler. With it's insulating properties tailgating foods can be saved for all day enjoyment and when the temperatures dip down by nightfall you have an easy blanket to ward off the night chill.

Q. Why do I have to pay for shipping? A lot of other sites have free shipping.

A. While there is a shipping charge added to your order, this represents only partial of the shipping expense we incur. In keeping prices lower than our competitors, our profit margins are low, therefore, we need to charge for shipping, due to rising fuel charges.


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