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What to grow in hydroponics


Hydroponics can produce larger yields than a traditional soil but for maximum success the grower must understand what to grow and what not to grow. Some plants may spread out too much to grow properly in a hydroponic system. Be sure to read the seed package for growing requirements.


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Grow What you Eat

You also need to think of which vegetables you and your family will eat when growing them hydroponically. Remember, your harvests are likely to be larger using this method and therefore, you will not want to concentrate on crops you do not like to eat. Now, there are some things you should not or would have a hard time growing in a hydroponic setup.


Plants to Not Grow in a Hydroponic Greenhouse

Plants that take up a great deal of space to grow are impractical to grow in this type of garden setting. Watermelon and other melons, squash, and corn are some of these vegetables. They all take a huge amount of space to grow.

Some pumpkin varieties are geared to grow huge. Allow pumpkins all the space they need by planting them outside where they can spread and increase in size all they want. 

Many plants need the bees to pollinate them, because they have both male and female flowers on them. These plants are a bit labor intensive if grown hydroponically in a greenhouse, since you have no bees inside the structure. However, if you are willing to learn the painstaking task of pollinating these plants yourself, some of them will still do well in this setting or plant them outside.

Flowers have varied growing conditions, so you can’t just grow any of them with success. You will need to research each kind to see if any will work for you. Until you are sure of what varieties to grow, stay away from flowers for this type setup.

Of course, you can try to grow anything you want, as long as you realize not all things may come out as ideally as you would like. If you are new to hydroponic gardening though, set yourself up for success and start with vegetables and plants that have worked well for others. Then you can experiment, as you learn more information. This way, you get some pleasing results your first go around.