About KCCR

Koko Crater Coffee Roasters is a micro roasting company located in Honolulu, Hawaii.  This means we roast and process 50 pounds or less per batch. 

Koko Crater Coffee has established a reputation for its quality fresh coffee, unique blends, and caring and timely customer service.  Koko Crater Coffee was voted “Best of the Best” for Micro Roasters in 2006 by Honolulu Magazine.


All coffees are roasted by a Master Roaster.  We take pride in our fresh coffee.  Our coffees are roasted to order.  We provide each customer with not just an ordinary cup of coffee, but a great coffee experience.  We also produce “specialty roast orders.”


Special Events/Private Labeling – We look forward to providing coffee and coffee drinks for events, business meetings, and conferences. We also “private label” for individuals, businesses, or special events (i.e., weddings, conventions, holiday gifts and more). 

Visit us and enjoy some of our coffees at the Kapiolani Community College Farmer’s Market near Diamond Head every Saturday morning. 


Your satisfaction is our #1 priority


Our coffees include:

Espresso – Chocolate, nutty, and sweet profile which is different from most other espresso coffees, this coffee is smooth, rich and one of our most popular blends.                                     

                                                                   $ 8.00 – 8 oz.      $16.00 per lb.

Mocca Java – Nutty, medium roast, hints of chocolate – no chocolate added in the flavor of the beans.    

                                                                   $ 8.00 – 8 oz.      $16.00 per lb.

Bravisimo – More rich, smooth even tempered coffee – great as an  evening coffee.

                                                                    $ 8.00 – 8 oz.      $16.00 per lb.


Hawaii Grown Coffee Blends

Kona Market Blend Smooth bold dark roast with at least 10% Kona coffee.  Great anytime.

                                                                   $ 9.00 – 8 oz.      $18.00 per lb.

Hawaiian House Blend – Medium roast with at least 30% Kauai coffee.  Great in the morning for that “pick me up”.

                                                                                          $ 9.00 – 8 oz.      $18.00 per lb.

Kona Blend – At least 10% Kona coffee roasted medium with two other coffees, with a nutty, smooth taste.

                                                                   $ 9.00 – 8 oz.      $18.00 per lb.


Hawaiian Estate Grown Coffees

Kauai - Medium roast                               $14.00 - 8 oz.     $28.00 per lb.

Waialua – Naturally dry, dark roast          $14.00 - 8 oz.     $28.00 per lb.

Kona – Roasted medium                          $20.00 - 8 oz.     $40.00 per lb.

Kona Extra Fancy – Roasted medium    $22.00 - 8 oz.     $44.00 per lb.

Kona Peaberry – Roasted medium         $24.00 – 8 oz.    $48.00 per lb.

Note:  All prices are subject to change.

                                 Try some today and enjoy the “Taste of Aloha” in your next cup of coffee.