Find the right safety tools to fill your safety tool box. LSI is always looking for publications that will offer you the best there is for your safety needs. Check back often since we want to give you the resources you need. If you have any publications to suggest contact us anytime.

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Product no.: 40LWLRCL
Describes how to reduce hazardous waste during lab experiments. Also ways to save costs on materials and disposing of waste.
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Product no.: AAI

A summary of recommendations and Program Review Criteria. This is also available in electronic download. Updated 2013 with much more content! A valuable asset for anyone needed to preform lab inspections and evaluate lab safety programs! Including the Five-Diamond Recognition System for Lab Safety Program Achievement

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Product no.: ACHSG3
3rd Edition, 2001, by Monona Rossol 408 pages, paperback A revised and expanded classic art reference tells artists how to handle materials safely while practicing their craft.
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Product no.: BHWM
Third Edition [Hardcover] William C. Blackman Jr. -- Publication Date: June 26, 2001 | ISBN-10: 1566705339 | ISBN-13: 978-1566705332 | Edition: 3

This text provides an introductory framework-which can serve as the foundation for a program of study in traditional as well as modern hazardous waste management-or a component of a related program.
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Product no.: BITLPPHDIM
1989, Combound Authors: Committee on Hazardous Biological Substances in the Laboratory,National Research Council
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Product no.: BSPP
4th Edition, By Diane O. Fleming Published: 2006, 680 pages An essential resource and excellent text for courses in biosafety.
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Product no.: CAIBLM
John kenkel - Includes a safety manual, laboratory activities, record-keeping, communication skills and innovative "discovery" challenges.
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Product no.: CRCHLS

5th Edition, 2000 - One of the best text-references on lab safety.

Expanded and updated, The CRC Handbook of Laboratory Safety, Fifth Edition provides information on planning and building a facility, developing an organization infrastructure, planning for emergencies and contingencies, choosing the correct equipment, developing operational plans, and meeting regulatory requirements. Still the essential reference tool, the New Edition helps you organize your safety efforts to adhere to the latest regulations and use the newest technology.

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Product no.: CSITL
Stephen K. Hall - Discusses many aspects of lab safety.
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Product no.: DHCITL

3nd Edition. An updated and expanded version by Geroge Lunn and Eric Sansone. The book describes practical procedures for the destruction of hazardous chemicals and biological agents in the laboratory in which they are used. The book is a continuation and expansion of “Destruction of Hazardous Chemicals in the Laboratory.”

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Product no.: DMTP
3nd Edition by M. Alice Ottoboni. 2011, Paperback It explains the facts of chemical dangers in a clear and understandable manner.
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Product no.: ES

NSTA, 2002, by Terry Kwan and Juliana Texley - A guide for elementary teachers.

No Longer in Print

An eBook version can be purchased at


Product no.: FPGHM
Make informed decisions and save lives with the Fire Protection Guide to Hazardous Materials! 2010 edition
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Product no.: FPSFSH
Devise effective solutions for a wide array of challenges!
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Product no.: GFLDHSC
Hardcover, 640 pages, September 2001 3rd edition
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Product no.: GFPCPHP
While there are many resources available on fire protection and prevention in chemical petrochemical and petroleum plants—this is the first book that pulls them all together in one comprehensive resource.
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Product no.: GFPHEPS
Center for Chemical Process Safety, 2004, 390 pages
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Product no.: GFPSFGPO
Center for Chemical Process Safety, 1995.
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Product no.: GHEP
Center for Chemical Process Safety. 3rd Edition, 2008
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Product no.: GSHPBS
Center for Chemical Process Safety, 2004. Hardcover, 796 pages
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Product no.: HCHS
Hardcover, 480 pages, April 1995 Print on demand please allow 7-10 business days in the US and 2-3 weeks outside of the US.
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Product no.: HHCSM
CRC Press, 2005, 2nd edition By James A Tweety
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Product no.: HHMA
The classic resource for working artists and art students. 176 page paper back book by: Michael McCann, Ph.D., CIH and Angela Babin, MS.
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Product no.: HMEH
HazCom Made Easier: What You Need to Know About Hazard Communication & GHS Gives employees critical HazCom and GHS info to better ensure safety around hazardous chemicals.
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Product no.: HMHS
Guidance for health care worker protection, definitive advice and guidance for safety specialists and health care professionals. 2nd edition
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Product no.: HRCH
7th Edition, Two Volume Set Martin J. Pitt, 1999, Hardcover
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Product no.: HSPS
Having a health, safety and environmental policy statement is the cornerstone of a good safety program. It’s a statement endorsed and supported by the administration that speaks to the fundamental responsibilities for health and safety in the academic institution or company.
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Product no.: HWCRE
Takashi Korenage, 437 pages. Hazardous Waste Control in Research and Education considers every aspect of hazardous waste control in universities, hospitals, and industries. It contains a broad array of organization and practices for off-site and on-site handling, and it introduces students, researchers, and managers to the concepts necessary for providing environmental security. The book describes a number of examples and information that is especially useful for constructing new treatment systems in the developing countries.
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Product no.: ISAGFHST

NSTA - Written by teaching veterans who've organized it with the complex needs of your high school labs and classes in mind.

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Product no.: ISAGMST

NFPA, A unique readable resource form experienced teachers.

No longer in print. May be purchased as an e-book from NSTA:

Product no.: ISITCLAPG
2nd edition by Jay Young Hardcover, 432 pages
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Product no.: K&A
Kaufman & Associates Audio Courses are instructional units designed to serve the continuing education needs of chemists and chemical engineers. They can be used for either individual or group study.
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Product no.: LBA 123
Learning By Accident (Volumes I, II and III, The Laboratory Safety Institute, 1997 & 1999, 2003) are the series of compiled, anecdotal accounts of laboratory accidents. These informative and educational publications chronicle 500 actual laboratory accidents and incidents in an organized, accessible style.
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Product no.: LBAV1
A sharing of anecdotal accounts of laboratory accidents collected from course attendees and placed together in an easy to read publication. Fariba Majtabai, Ph.D., Research Associate and James A. Kaufman, Ph.D., Director of The Laboratory Safety Institute - 1997
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Product no.: LBAV2
Second Volume A sharing of anecdotal accounts of laboratory accidents collected from course attendees and placed together in an easy to read publication. Fariba Majtabai, Ph.D., Research Associate and James A. Kaufman, Ph.D., Director of The Laboratory Safety Institute - 1999
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Product no.: LBAV3
Third Volume A sharing of anecdotal accounts of laboratory accidents collected from course attendees and placed together in an easy to read publication.Teresa Robertson, Cal State Bakersfield and James A. Kaufman, Ph.D., Director of The Laboratory Safety Institute - 2003
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Product no.: LCAPGMET
2005 Revised by Gary S. Coyne - Paperback, 552 pages - An updated version of the critically acclaimed Laboratory Handbook, this guide to laboratory materials, equipment, and techniques is an important resource for students as well as veteran scientists and lab technicians.
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Product no.: LDCRPPP
Committee on Design, Construction, and Renovation of Laboratory Facilities, Board on Chemical Sciences and Technology, National Research Council
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Product no.: LDH
E. Crawley Cooper - Paper back 1994 Laboratory Design Handbook describes the process, motivation, constraints, challenges, opportunities, and specific design data related to the creation of a modern research laboratory. The information presented is based on a large pool of experience in the development of new and renovated laboratory buildings for universities, teaching hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, start-up biotechnology companies, and other types of industrial technology.
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Product no.: LFHUM
An excellent guide to proper use and maintenance of fume hoods. 1993, 123 pages: A thorough reference on adequate fume hood design and use. Dissects this device down to its bare essentials. Examines how and why a fume hood works. The book will help you test, locate, ventilate and maintain hoods which are all on site, field-generated and both old and new.
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Product no.: LSCS
Robert H. Hill, David Finster Paperback, 546 pages, July 2010
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Product no.: LSGE
LSI is famous for it's 40 Lab Safety Guidelines, even referenced by OSHA. Want to get to the meat of these suggestions? Well now you can with the expanded version.
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Product no.: LSPH
Nearly every kind of accident that can happen in academic, clinical, environmental, and industrial labs is covered! Learn from experiences of the hazards faced by lab employees, and how to avoid them.
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Product no.: LWM
Since the first edition of this book was published in 1994, state and federal agencies have increased enforcement of their hazardous waste disposal laws in laboratories. The enforcement actions resulting from these inspections have changed the perspective of many hazardous waste managers about what constitutes a "compliant program". These changes have prompted the preparation of this 2nd Edition. This revision is intended to provide all levels of laboratory staff a guide for managing laboratory chemical wastes in compliance with federal and state environmental regulations. New chapters have been added, all have been updated, and additional resources have been included to address changes in regulations and regulatory interpretations.
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Product no.: NB
260 Page Notebook used at LSI's Seminar Courses. *Can be used with LSI's Two-Day Video or DVD Short Course and LSI's One-Day Audio Course.
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Product no.: NCO
Have a need to work with less hazardous materials? This is the publication for you. Describes fifteen experiments which substitutes less hazardous chemicals. Comb bound, Rena Benedict, Forest Lake High School. Edited by Richard Clark, Minnesota Department of Education. Distributed by LSI - 1987
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Product no.: NRRGSS
By Kenneth Russell Roy Published: 10/16/2007 Grade Level: Middle School 164 Pages
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Product no.: NSTAGPSSSF
NSTA Guide to Planning School Science Facilities will help science teachers, district coordinators, school administrators, boards of education, and schoolhouse architects understand those differences and develop science facilities that will serve students for years to come
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Product no.: OBPECP
Neal Langerman, Advanced Chemical Safety, San Diego, California, USA; Leslie Putnam
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Product no.: OHSCURA
Paperback 168 pages recorded in 1997
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