Buying Guide

Bedding is usually a tough decision for many parents because the entire nursery is normally designed and accessorized around the bedding. So you want to make sure that you choose a set that will last through many washings and even through the active toddler years. When you are shopping for your bedding make sure you pay attention to the details of the set.  Whether you buy from Little Angel's Linens or someone else be sure you keep the following in mind: 

1. Does it have bumper ties on both the top and bottom to hold the bumper in place securely? Are the ties fabric or ribbon? Even after one wash ribbons will begin to fray.

2. Are the bumper thick enough to stand up to many washings but not too thick to put your child in danger of suffocation? That is why I use the nu-foam. It is easy to wash in the wash machine and stands up to washing. Regular foam cannot be put into a machine and the big thick pillow style bumpers just are not safe for the child. Sure they look nice but what is more important - looks or the safety of the child? I also offer the new breathable type of bumpers that are a netting versus the traditional bumpers.  Some parents even opt to not have bumpers and they can be omitted from your set if that is what you prefer.

3. Does the crib skirt split at the corners so that is hangs nicely and does not bunch up at the corners? Also is it 3 or 4 sides? All our crib skirts are split at the sides so they hang nicely and are 4 sided because there are 4 sides to your crib.

4. Is the comforter or blanket large enough to be used on a toddler bed when your baby outgrows the crib? The quilt that is included in our sets are definitely large enough to use well after the crib and into the toddler bed. That is why I offer and recommend the toddler bedding add-on for all my crib sets. Your spending the time and money for a quality set that will last so have it last well into the toddler years. 

5. When the fabric is cut is the time taken to match patterns and corners? For example on a patchwork quilt do the corners match? We take the time to make sure seams, patterns, and corners are matched making it a quality beautiful set.

6. What type of fabric is the bedding made of? If it is 100% cotton it is softer for the child and again it will hold up better after repeated washings. Our sets are all 100% cotton unless you request otherwise.  Minky fabric is not 100% cotton but is very soft and holds up very well to washings.

7. And finally the BIG question - Is it machine washable and easy to care for? We have actually come across sets that are dry clean only - make sure that you ask if it is not stated! Everything that we use in our sets are machine washable for ease and convenience.