Mayas Pilates is a whole body and mind workout system designed to transform the way your body looks, feels and performs!

 ·         Feel better in 10 sessions

 ·         look better in 20 sessions

 ·         Transform your body completely in 30 sessions!


The benefits of Pilates

    Body Posture and back pain prevention.


 ·         Regular Pilates practice will strengthen your core body, thus will allow better support to your back and will reduce back pain.

·         Strengthening your Body through Pilates will make your body firmer and look younger.

·         Pilates classes will make you more flexible, will lengthen your muscles while making them stronger.

                       Flat Abdominals

·         Pilates exercises develop a strong “core” that focus on the deep abdominal muscles along with the muscles closet to the spine.

·         Special exercise can be customized to work on specific parts of your body.


Reduce Stress


·         Breathing properly during the practice also helps to reduce day to day pressure.

·         Working in Pilates will get your mind in tune with your body by teaching you how to breath properly and become aware of how your body feel and move.



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