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Dogwood  Relief Carving Class by Kevin Walker                                       KEVIN WALKER Class Photo copy.jpg


This 3 Day Class is Friday- Sunday, April 6, 7, and 8th, 2018. Cost is $195 + $60 for the blank. This is a deep relief class and is not for beginners. Kevin will show you some simple techniques for carving a complex relief carving. For a list of tools you will need, call or email the shop.Kevin is the author of the book Deep Relief Wood Carving” and has taught many seminars on deep relief carving. All day class starts at 10 to 4 pm. Bring your lunch or walk to local restaurants.




Gerald Sears Eye and Face Class

This 1 Day Class is every 1st Saturday of the month (except for Nov. and Dec.) 2018.

The first class is April 7, from 9:30am - 4:30pm. Cost is $65 and includes wood for practicing on. Bring your own sharp tools and safety glove, and be prepared for a good time. Gerald is also working on some new projects for this class, so there will be more than a study stick to work on. He mentioned something about a “Willie Nelson” like bust and possibly some carved bolo’s.



Caricature Carving Class by Wayne Laramore

Cost is $65 per day + roughout, starting at $19.

This is a 2 Day Class, Saturday and Sunday, April 14 & 15, 2018. Class starts at 10 am to 4pm.

Beginners are welcome. Bring your own sharp tools and a safety glove, or buy them when you arrive. You may bring your lunch, or walk to local restaurants.

Wayne is from Sparta, IL, and is the newest member of the Caricatures of America. He is also a frequent guest carver at Silver Dollar City, and Peter Engler Designs, where you’ll see him sharing his love for carving with the visitors there. He loves bringing new people into the craft, and you will enjoy his carving and painting style. He will have several roughouts for you to choose from. Come and join in on the fun.



Relief Carving Class by Sheilah Nichols                                                            Sheila Nichols Class Photo.jpg           

This is a 2 Day Class, Thursday April 19, and Friday April 20 2018, or by Appointment. Cost is $65 + blank. You may also add an additional day of painting your carving for $65. Sheilah worked with John Engler for 28 years, and still works with him during the fall festival at Silver Dollar City. Bring your favorite sharpened tools and safety glove. Sheilah uses a v tool, flat gouge, and carving knife. If you need tools or a glove you may purchase them when you arrive. Beginners welcome. Sheilah also has a Covered Bridge Blank and some other scenes to choose from, for more experienced carvers.              


Desiree Hajney Class Project copy.jpg


Carving A Scratching Bear by Desiree Hajney

This is a 3 day class, April 20-22, 2018. Cost is $195, plus $20 for rough-out.

Choose from a bear and cubs, in a sitting or scratching position. Areas covered in class will include anatomy, carving, texturing, wood-burning and painting. Bring your own sharp tools, safety glove, and a wood-burner with a spade if you like. This class is not for beginners. Desiree is an award winning carver and instructor, and is the author of 18 books. She has won countless awards and has been creating wood sculptures since 1985. She was a founding member of the Caricatures of America and the 3rd recipient of Woodcarving Illustrated Magazine’s Woodcarver of the Year. Class is 9:30-5, daily.



Realistic Face Class by Greg Wilkerson

Greg Wilkerson will be teaching a Realistic Face Class April 20 & 21, June 22 & 23, August 24 & 25, Oct 26 & 27, and Dec. 21 & 22,  and also by Appointment, with only a 1 Day Notice. This 2 Day Class is $165 and runs from 10 am to 5 pm with a 1 hour lunch.  Price includes your choice of one of 8 roughouts. Each roughout comes with a full color pattern. This class is not for beginners. You will need to have some carving experience, and bring you own sharpened tools and safety glove. For a more extensive list of tools to bring, call or email the shop. You may also purchase tools and gloves when you arrive and you will receive a discount on purchases while you are student.

Greg will show you the basics of facial anatomy in carving a face and give you lots of pointers in carving and keeping your tools sharp. Because of the retail environment, no stains or finishes will be applied during class, but a handout explaining how to finish, stain and paint will be given to each student. Call or email the shop to set up a class with Greg.




Relief Carving Class by Joe Land

Joe will be teaching his beautiful and unique style of Relief Carving and Painting. Cost is $65 per day, and this is a 2 or 3 day class, depending on your time schedule. Bring your own sharp tools and carving glove, or purchase them when you arrive. Joe’s First Scheduled class will be April 23, 24, (and 25th, if you want to add a third day). The project will be Santa and Bunny, pictured below.* Call the shop or email to sign up or for more info.

This class could be for intermediate or advanced...probably not first time carvers.


Miniature Fish Carving Class by Carol Andre’

This is a 1or 2 Day Class (your choice) Saturday, April 28th and Sunday April 29th.

From 9:30 am to 4 pm. Cost is $65 per day + $13 for blank,

brushes, paint, and glass eye. Carve a simple fish and learn simple

painting techniques. A good class for beginners. Bring your

own sharp tools and safety glove, or purchase them

when you arrive.


Carol Andre' Fish Carving Class Photo copy.2.jpg

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