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NY Kiteboard lessons are available for Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced kiteboarders. With our program, you'll be learning flying skills from day one. NY Kiteboard School's teaching methods are designed to help you get comfortable with the equipment, build your confidence, and tap into your natural abilities. NY Kiteboard students learn kiteboarding hands-on with sophisticated equipment, including a two-way helmet radio system to facilitate instructor-student communication. After mastering flying techniques on land, students proceed to water lessons where they improve their control and further develop their flying skills. With our user-friendly kites and teaching methods, students can quickly overcome any initial fears and continually improve their abilities, eventually learning to fly powerful traction kites. NY Kiteboard students can take lessons in New York or take advantage of our Trip and Lesson package in Brazil. Brazil has the perfect wind and water conditions for learning how to kiteboard, so the Brazil Trip and Lesson Package is a great option for learning how to kiteboard while enjoying a great vacation.


Theory class required (Ground School) prior to any kite flying lesson. The theory lesson is a fun and relaxed lecture that will explain the basics of kiteboarding: flying techniques, wind conditions, weather and safety procedures. This is a great opportunity to personally meet the instructor, ask questions, and get detailed information about kiteboarding. A kiteboarding instructional video will reinforce the lessons learned in class. Ground School is followed by kite flying lessons, which allow candidates to practice and apply what they learned in the classroom. Kite Flying lessons begin with user-friendly trainer kites. This is a great way to engage into kiteboarding. Beginners will  develop natural flying skills faster, safer and comfortably.

Theory Lesson

 Monday to Thursday  from 7pm to 9pm  (333 East 119th street, suite 2A)*

(please call 646-752-4980 or e-mail kiteboard@nykiteboard.com to enroll)

*Land and Water Lessons location may vary with wind and weather conditions. Land and Water lessons provided in Long Island, 1 hour away from NYC, 5 min. from Jones Beach. (Great South Bay or Ocean side )*

*All Packages include equipment for use during lesson time*.
(kite, board, harness, and 1 way helmet/radio)


*Lessons are highly dependent on weather and wind conditions. In case of adverse wind and weather conditions, classes will be rescheduled at no extra cost.*
*Individual results will vary. Previous experience with related sports or activities may accelerate the learning process* 
*No refunds on lessons* 
*Students that need transportation shall request this service upon scheduling lessons. Home pickup/drop off is not available. Pickup/drop off location will be determined according to individual's location and driving route. Please call for details. Price for Student Transportation is $40.00 per person*