Terms & Conditions

Thank you for shopping at Mark Eadicicco's Practical Magick Online Site "The Witch Shoppe of Staten Island".  By making any purches or enrolling in Classes or Workshops you are herby acknowling that there are NO REFUNDS and NO EXCHANGES on any products due to the Magickal Nature of the products we sell (Such as Crystals cracking, stones missing, or other Magickal items which may be effected by Magickal elements around your home).

For any workshops or classes which are sold here on practicalmagickshoppe.net you acknowledge that there are no refunds or exchanges for our classes and workshops.  Please note that any seats to events including The Staten Island Witches' Ball are Non-Transferrable without the explicit permission from either Mark or Richie, for Security Reasons.

Please note that Magick comes in  various forms - and some of the candle colors which we sell are not the ones which appear on the website - but they still are fully charged by Mark Eadicicco at Practical Magick "The Witch Shoppe of Staten Island".

Please note that by registering for any of our mailing lists, or fan clubs your information will remain private in a secure database for Practical Magick.  We do not sell or purchase anyone's mailing information from any sources.  Also - All Payments are processed SECURELY through Paypal.  You do not have to worry about Credit Card Frauds or Scams.  There are some cases in which we take the credit card by telephone and once the payment goes through - the written notice is destroyed,