MINI 5cm Quantum BioPhysics® AlphaSpin® "BAMA" Natural Healthy Energy Field Glass Pendant

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AlphaSpin(tm), as ANTI-RADIATION TOOL and is used to neutralize and harmonize harmful effects of Electromagnetic Frequencies Radiations in our surrounding and for many wellness benefits.

NEUTRALIZES RADIATION WAVE AND TRANSFORMS IT TO BE THE HEALTHIEST NATURAL LIVING WAVE FOR HUMAN BODY AND ENVIRONMENT. This disc is extremely high in concentric energy. The pendulum spin is counter clockwise in the Northern Hemisphere and beginning at about 3 inches above the disc then moving to 10 inches above spins at a very fast speed. This piece is the brand of Quantum BioPhysics® AlphaSpin™ and is designed to their specs under the German Patent. Quantum BioPhysics® AlphaSpin™ has no connection with the Asian multiline marketing company that markets their brand exclusively. Remember MLM’s pay at least 6 levels deep so the price will always be much higher in order to pay these 6 levels.

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