Silicone Bio Aura Power Scalar Energy Bracelet

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Benefits of scalar energy: 1) Improve cell energy to 70-90 mv, relieve fatigue, fatigue and muscle inflexibility 2) Strengthen the Hydrogen bond energy between DNA, it will protect DNA cellule from damage. 3) Improve penetrability of cell wall; promote the cell ability of deriving nutrients. 4) Improve our detox system 5) Refine blood, improve blood state and help adjust blood pressure 6) Strengthen immunity system 7) Promote our concentrating attention; keep mind clear and good eyesight 8) Eliminate the negative effects of man-made frequency in body (60 cps) Health benefits: 1. Reduces inflammation 2. Promotes unclumping of cells 3. Enhances circulation 4. Enhances immune and endocrine systems 5. Has the ability to destroy viruses and bacteria 6. Enhances the cellular nutrition and detoxification 7. Enhances cellular permeability 8. Increases energy 9. Helps to protect DNA from damage 10. Helps to fight cancer cells 11. Helps to retard the ageing process 12. Strengthens the body’s bio-field preventing electro-magnetic waves from affecting ones health.

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