Quad MyBonts

Quad MyBonts



MyBonts provides skaters with the ulitmate in customization! For Quad Skaters, you have the option of Hybird Carbon, Vaypor Carbon, or Protege boots as a starting choice, and you can customize from there. Make your boots your favorite colors, your team colors, and as wild as you like with customization options for nearly every piece of material used on the boot. You can even add you name, derby name, or saying to the straps! It doesn't stop with colors either, you can add custom features to your boots like room for growth, narrow ankle width, flat or no arch for orthotics, boot height and cut, boot stiffness, carbon height, heel rise, boot padding, liner material, and matte carbon.

MyBonts will allow you to customize your boot or your entire skate if you chose the Infinity plate system!

Skaters can use the MyBonts site for full customization any time they wish, or Skate Geeks will be glad to assist in the ordering process via phone, GoTo Assist, or in person. Either way, enter SANO Inc. as the Distributor/Shop in the checkout "contact information" page of MyBonts and recieve a $50 Skate Geeks coupon!

Check out the videos below or go to MyBonts and start customizing now. Don't forget to list SANO Inc. as the shop for your $50 coupon!