Double Sided Printing Scarf





We have exclusive technology now to print silk scarf for two times respectively in the silk front and the back.  Therefore, the colors in the scarf front and the back actually will be applied with same ink, thus almost same color reflection can be achieved in the scarf front and the back.    

Below are information about double sided printing. If you have questions not answered here, please do not hesitate to CONTACT US


The scarf size mentioned in this page is about 38x38" (97x97cm), 36x36" (91x91cm) or 70x20" (178x52cm). If you have different scarf size, please contact us for a quote.

1 ) Available Silk Fabric

   16mm silk twill and 16mm silk satin

3) Minimum Order Quantity

Almost 10 meters of silk with ONE design, equivalently 10 scarves for the size of 38x38" (97x97cm), or 36x36" (91x91cm), or 70x20" (178x51cm)

4)  Sample Cost

We only do samples for orders that meet the minimum order quantity above.  COLOR MATCHING will be done in samples, but the color closing degree might be or might not be  as good as in the single sided printing with the same COLOR MATCHING for some technical reasons in double sided printing processes. 

The sample cost is $75USD per design, including one finished scarf and color matching fee; plus around $30 USD for DHL express shipping.

5) Production Cost

Price for double sided printing is based on the price for single printing in our online ordering.  

To determine the cost of double sided printing from single sided printing, please do the following calculation.

i) Take the Online Price for single sided printing.

    ii) Add an extra cost to the online price, which we call the Extra Double Cost (EDC). The EDC rate depends on the order quantity as showing in the table below.


                                                                               (Extra Double Cost)EDC Rate Table

                                                                                       All Prices are in U.S. dollar

Order Quantity (PCs)  1-9     10-29     30-49    50-100      Over 100
EDC Value per scarf   $15   $11    $9     $7

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For better understanding how our price works for double sided printing scarf, we give a price calculation example as below.

Example:  You have 20 scarves with 1 design. the size is 38x38” on 16mm silk and hand hemmed

-  the online regular price is $37.00 per scarf for single sided printing.

-  You will have 10% discount because of 20 scarves, the price will be $33.30 per scarf (single printing)

-  According to the EDC Rate Table above, the Extra Double Cost (EDC) value is $11 in this case. Adding this $11 to each scarf, which comes up $44.30 per scarf for double sided printing


7) Delivery Time

The delivery time takes 3-4 weeks. We only use DHL Express for double sided printing orders.

i-  Sample Delivery; in 2-3 weeks

ii-  Production Delivery: 3-4 weeks. 

Before placing the order please contact us to make sure we can take your double sided printing order because we may have issues in your designs or other possible concerns at the time you place the order. 


8) Way to Order

Option 1:

You could place a regular order through our online ordering. After placing the order, write to us about the double sided printing request. If your designs are suitable for double sided printing, we will send you an invoice through Paypal for you to pay the extra cost discussed above, and the possible extra shipping cost because double sided printing scarves are heavier than single sided printing scarves.

Option 2:

Directly contact us for double sided printing order. We will send you an invoice for full payment through the Paypal or bank wiring when the order amount excess $1200USD.


9) About unprintable designs

In double sided printing, one technique is used in order to have the mirror image precisely printed in the back, which is called Reference Point.  To obtain the Reference Points, the design must have elements that are composed of cross points. The following images do not have cross points, which are not printable for double sided printing.

- parallel strips or lines

- gradually changing images 

- Arc lines or circles 

To make sure your designs will be accepted for double sided printing, it is suggested to submit your designs before placing the doubel sided printing order.


If you have questions not answered here, please do not hesitate to CONTACT US