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About us - The Gaming Geeks

About us - The Gaming Geeks

The Gaming Geeks are geeks at heart. The site is a place to help you create the mood for your gaming experience, or for other fun projects and events you may have.



We are busy gathering and creating more tile sets, digital maps, and digital map bases to put up on site. goblinsketch3web We love digital, but we also still love print; so although we offer tilesets that you can use digitally, we are also concentrating on sets that will look just as fantastic when printed out.

Nigel P. Igsnout, the third - Based off Paul Ooshun's Orc-3 from Dungeon Buddies


We are also meeting with various artists, and creating more physical products that will be available for order through the site soon. We look to have props, cosplay items, and other various whatnots within our catalog right alongside the digital products!