I was diagnosed with lymphoma, Cancer was all through my body.The MD said the only treatment was to start removing the body part that was in the worst condition, while trying to prolong my life with chemotherepy, radiation and numerous Drugs, but it was just a matter of time. I was 28 years young and couldn't believe what was happening to me. That sort of a DIAGNOSIS in itself is enough to cause heart failure.

I suffered terribly trying to find a way out. Every Dr I went to including the so called Alternative Drs.,they all said the same, there was no hope just try to be as comfortable as you can, and take morphine when it gets to intolerable. I had a lot of fight in me I WANTED TO LIVE.

A friend of a friend had gone to see Victoria Peters for suggestions in REAL NATURAL HEALING CENTER and reccomended  I see her. What she said made perfect sence. Disease is never a drug deficiency, always a Nutritional Deficiency. She said "Really Good Nutrition can help"

I FOLLOWED HER SUGGESTIONS AND GUIDANCE, TO MY AMAZEMENT, ALL PAIN WAS GONE IN THREE WEEKS. I felt like a new man physically and emotionally. I went through periods of ups and downs, so I can see why some would quit. I belIeved in nature to help the natural body and stayed with it. I am now strong and healthy. I will never stop this new healthy life style. 

I reccommend them heartily, as most people are being deceived into thinking anything but invasive Medical intervention is quakery, NOT TRUE, the Real Natural Healing Center is just suggesting foods, any one can follow and it brings health.

Jason Wavers of Los Angeles

"I had many health problems starting in childhood with very bad asthma which I still had when I went to Victoria Peters, ropath, in 1987, but then I also had PMS and I was overweight. I had been taking much medication all of my life including Theodore, alupent antihistamines and also getting injections three times a week for further help with asthma. I was also taking pain medication and Valium for my nerves with low energy. I was starting to have heart problems as well from all the drugs I was taking.

"Victoria Peters suggested a lifestyle just for me and through her continual guidance, in foods all health problems disappeared within three to six months.

"I no longer needed any medication which at the time I felt it was my life support system and I could never live without it. Well, I am much, much better. My PMS and asthma are gone and I have tremendous energy and vibrant health. Friends I haven't seen for years are amazed at the change I have made, including losing over 20 pounds and no more heart problems!

"Now more than two years later I am going strong and still getting better every day."

“I am so grateful to Victoria Peters for her knowledge and concern. She also suggested foods that were beneficial to my husband too, as he was continually sick with colds. He also had a much distended stomach. He now looks like the handsome man I married. Nice flat stomach.

I use all these vital natural principals with my 5 children and their children. We are all so blessed to have met Victoria Peters.  

Kathy of San Juan Capistrano

I was referred to Victoria by my niece who had gone through her suggestions with good results.

I was insulin dependent and getting more so as the years went by. I developed a heart murmur and I was becoming so nervous and distraught, I feared a nervous breakdown. I also had terrible digestive problems along with constant cravings for sugar products.

When I started with Victoria, she explained how all these problems were connected and by overcoming one problem at a time, it would help other problems. I started the nutrientional suggestions and my nervousness was much better along with better digestion. I felt encouraged to continue. In approximately 6 months I no longer needed insulin, aspirin or valium. My blood sugar is normal and as long as I eat well and stay on the nutrients it's as though I never had diabetes and my nerves are fine.

I really thought I was losing my mind and now I know it was a lack of the proper nutrition. The drugs were making me weaker and sicker. I will never go back to that again. Victoria was always there for me, encouraging me to stay with my resolve to eat better.

Mary Wells of Conneticut

I was never a well person. I live on penicillin all my life and still had constant infections, terrible mood swings which I thought were emotional problems, tremendous nose bleeds, and foot cramps all the time. I tried to help myself, but met with constant difficulty, I tried educating myself with reading books on health but nothing really seemed to be long term effective.

Then I met Victoria Peters. She she suggested eating all organic and taught me what to eat that was just right for me and  was there for me to ask questions and learn the value of whole foods.  I have the wonderful feeling of having control over my own health!!

I went from a size 12 to a size 7. I no longer have mood swings. My family life has improved tremendously and my husband and I are getting along great. My skin has cleared up, nose bleeds and foot cramps are all gone, and I now have the same happiness I did as a young girl

My husband is twenty years older than I and we are very content, he as a man, since he also started caring for his nutrition, and I as a woman if you know what I mean.

Mrs. Joy Donohue of Rancho Santa Margarita

I Almost Lost My Baby at 3 Weeks Old. He wouldn't eat. I would put him to the breast and he would cry. I put him on infant formula, he would cry. He couldn't hold anything down and had diarrhea.

The medical people didn't know what was wrong. He responded to nothing. Even penicillin had no effect on him and while in the hospital his fever went to 106 degrees and his lungs collapsed. He had such a bad cough it shook the house. They just sent him home with me and said make him as comfortable as possible. There was nothing they could do. He also had an infection on his chin which would not heal and kept oozing.

I met Victoria Peters only because she heard his cough and approached me saying she might be able to suggest foods that could help. I really didn't have confidence in what she said since I myself knew of good nutrition and tried what I could and it didn't work.

Since I was so scared and felt there was no other hope I let her take him home. I really think I did that because I didn't want to see him die.

She stayed up with him all night cleansing his system of toxins and building him up with whole food nutrients. As she explained, when I was under stress so was he.

By being with someone calm, loving, and able to be patient, he was able to begin absorbing nutrients and by cleansing the blood stream from toxins obtained from the drugs and market formula I gave him, he began to respond. In 24 hours he drank 10 bottles of raw goat’s milk, the closest thing to mother's milk with added carrot juice which cleanses the liver and bloodstream of toxins and sets up a very alkaline environment to fight infection. With the addition of cod liver old, vitamin C, wheat germ oil and organically grown vegetarian protein he was well in 3 days. The cough was gone, the infection gone, fever gone, and in the next 3 weeks he doubled his weight.

Mom calmed down and I was very delighted to find out my baby was not colicky nor had digestive problems other than the ones created by my being tense with him. From then on I just kept real calm and attentive to him and fed him real food instead of prepared formula from the market, which creates a lot of illness in babies. While it’s quick and convenient, it also quickly depletes nutrients and weakens the infant’s resistance to infection causing the infant to become stressed, unhappy and even ill.



I was diagnosed with Skleraderma the most destructive disease imaginable.

in the late stages of this is estremities  

Linda Paverish






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