Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials


"Great performance, amazingly saves time, always clean and we love these"

Professor at Washington University School of Medicine

“I have found the LipX extruders to be far more easier to use than the traditional extruder tools relying on a re-usable middle piece that needs to get washed after every sample prep. This makes our lives so much easier, especially when working on an experiment with multiple lipid samples that need to be used simultaneously.”

- Abhishek Mandal, Researcher


“The LipX extruders cuts down this time significantly! The biggest surprise to me though was the lack of dead volume. This greatly simplifies our calculations for samples where we add a specified molar ratio of protein to the lipid sample. we ran some DLS measurements … and … I am more confident about making these our primary extrusion tools in the lab. … students and the postdoc have both found this to be far easier and we have since ordered some more pore sizes to have available in the lab.”

- University of Pittsburg Researcher


"This will change my life... Can I tell other people yet?"

-Frederick Heberle, PhD from Oak Ridge National Laboratory


“Your system seems more convenient than our other extruder and a lot cheaper! We are so excited to try your extruder”

Researcher at University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine

"My graduate students will be so happy to hear this!"

Postdoc at Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT