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Why Sheep Milk?


Lactose friendly; most of those with lactose intolerance have no problem digesting sheep milk products.

 Sheep milk contains a higher quantity of medium/short chain fatty acids then cow or goat milk and is naturally high in omega 3 and CLA. Because of this, sheep milk products can be considered cholesterol free foods.

 Sheep milk is high in protein, calcium and other minerals.

 With their wonderful flavor, sheep milk products are the tastiest “health food” available today.




These are probably the finest sheep milk products on the market today. Once you start eating them, you just cannot stop.”

 “I was skeptical because I have had goats milk cheese and found the goat flavor offensive. These cheeses were a pleasant surprise, no goaty flavor what so ever.”

 “What a treat!!! it was delicious, aged to perfection, it smelled like ewe cheese should. My grandfather would have highly approved!!! My grandfather was a sheepherder from the Pyrenees. He made cheese as it was the custom that only men made cured cheese. The cheese from WSDC confirms what I have said so often that American products of European origin are often as good if not better than what we have coming from Europe. The best cheese I ever had, and I have had cheese in lots of places in the world. I will raise a toast, to Wisconsin. “


 Please take a look at all the wonderful products created by the farm families of the Wisconsin Sheep Dairy Cooperative.