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Chinoiserie Silver Leaf Wall Mirror

Product no.: GV420025

$1,875.00 *

Oyster Shell Square Mirror

Product no.: C01348QS

$420.00 *

Williamsburg Frameless Wall Mirror

Product no.: GV480103

$829.00 *

Nickel Candle Hurricane Sconce - Single

Product no.: GV490075

$375.00 *

Modern Dark Carved Chest

Product no.: GV990781

$1,249.00 *

Abalone Shell Arched Mirror

Product no.: C01325

$520.00 *

Gold Spiked Iron Candle Sconce - Single

Product no.: SA790228

$325.00 *

Oak Sandblasted Curved Media Cabinet

Product no.: GV2433

$4,999.00 *

Oak Sandblasted Beige Leather Settee

Product no.: GV2429

$3,248.00 *

Oak Sandblasted Grey Leather Dining Chair

Product no.: GV2426

$1,875.00 *

Oak Sandblasted Grey Leather Settee

Product no.: GV2427

$3,248.00 *

Oak Sandblasted Beige Leather Dining Chair

Product no.: GV2428

$1,875.00 *

Gold Spiked Round Sunburst Mirror

Product no.: SA790227

$1,175.00 *

Beige Driftwood Large Accent Mirror

Product no.: SA790048

$1,249.00 *

Light Gray Weathered Media Cabinet

Product no.: GV490074

$4,999.00 *

Beige Driftwood Round Wall Mirror

Product no.: SA790070

$750.00 *

Modern Ivory Leather Club Chair

Product no.: GV420022

$2,498.00 *

Oak Sandblasted Tall Modern Chest

Product no.: GV2430

$3,749.00 *

White Marble Square Cocktail Table

Product no.: GV991789

$5,749.00 *

Nickel Branch Wood Cabinet - 60"

Product no.: GV992190

$3,999.00 *

Petite Wood Console Table - Custom

Product no.: CS1212

$1,389.00 *

Nickel Branch Media Cabinet - 87"

Product no.: GV991394

$6,999.00 *

Vintage Wood Bar Stool - Custom

Product no.: CS4500

$1,179.00 *

Beige Driftwood Lattice Sideboard

Product no.: SA790164

$3,249.00 *

Gold Spiked Bench with Muslin Cushion

Product no.: SA790374

$450.00 *

Beige Driftwood Modern Coffee Table

Product no.: SA790165

$1,999.00 *

Modern Nickel Rectangular Lamp

Product no.: GV490087

$998.00 *

Antiqued Mirrored Stool

Product no.: C07000-0632

$1,720.00 *

Nickel Branch Console Table

Product no.: GV992245

$2,997.00 *

Ivory Wood Display Pedestal

Product no.: GV420033

$2,249.00 *

Walnut Wood Display Pedestal

Product no.: GV420032

$2,499.00 *

Beige Driftwood Lattice Cabinet

Product no.: SA790166

$1,749.00 *

Industrial Metal Side Table - Custom

Product no.: CS0404

$979.00 *

Maple Foyer Table - Custom

Product no.: CS4040

$1,699.00 *

Octagon Wood Side Table - Custom

Product no.: CS6060

$1,189.00 *

Maple Modern Side Table - Custom

Product no.: CS1515

$1,399.00 *
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1 - 36 of 48 results

Gold Leaf Iron

Gold Leaf Iron

This collection features solid metal finished in a distressed gold leaf, some pieces with stone tops and some pieces with glass.
Light Oak Furniture

Light Oak Furniture

All of this beautiful furniture is American oak with a sandblasted lighter finish.
Concrete Furniture

Concrete Furniture

All of this furniture is made of concrete with an iron core for strength. Use indoors or outdoors. Note that all concrete furniture used outdoors will weather and lose its sheen with time.
Dark Carved Wood

Dark Carved Wood

This unique furniture is all hand carved and planed wood with a brown/black finish and nickel details. Modern and sophisticated!
Spiked Gold Iron

Spiked Gold Iron

Soft gold iron that has been hand forged.
Seashell or Oyster Shell

Seashell or Oyster Shell

All of these pieces have natural shells as a big part of the design.
Beige Driftwood

Beige Driftwood

Solid hickory wood furniture that looks like the outdoors, but made for indoors or covered areas. All handmade.
Antiqued Mirror Group

Antiqued Mirror Group

All of these pieces are made of antiqued mirrors, our best sellers!
Natural Patina Group

Natural Patina Group

This furniture is a natural wood with added black that has been rubbed off.
Custom Wood Group

Custom Wood Group

Custom made tables and other furniture where you choose your finish.


Beautiful furniture inspired by pieces found at Winterthur.


All of these items are part of the Williamsburg collection.
White Marble Group

White Marble Group

All of these items are made from natural white honed marble.