Welcome to my website. This site is for the sale of new razors, like new razors, and my fully restored to like new and often better than new straight razors and an occasional miscellaneous shaving item. All straight razors are honed to shave ready condition. This site is also for anyone who wants to have their razor fully, or partially restored, and/or honed. This is what I do full time and my experience is that I have restored and honed well over five thousand razors in the past fourteen years, accomplishing anything that has to be done to restore or hone a razor. I have amassed an extensive array of all the necessary razor parts, as well as tools, equipment and machinery to perform razor restoration.

Besides complete restorations I also perform individual partial restorations. For example, loose blade tightening, warped handle straightening, handle replacement, honing, etc., etc. I also make custom ivory, exotic wood and bone handles. I am a perfectionist and I take pride in my work. I am friendly and helpful.

If you have any questions regarding any phase of shaving, care and maintenance of razors, stropping, honing, etc., send me an e-mail at,  or call me at 615-826-0174 seven days a week from 9 AM until 9 PM CST. Contact me anytime for a chat or to get restoration and honing prices. I welcome any and all questions and comments.

Thanks for visiting my site, Bob Keyes