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Leader In Sports is proud to announce our send it autograph signing with Hall of Famer
Art Monk

Art is a true legend and one of our most requested repeat autograph guests.

All orders/items must be received by Tuesday, May 24th, 2022

Your Item Pricing:

Please include return shipping (USPS only) label or add to your payment the same amount it cost to ship your item to us

8x10 or smaller flat item (except rookie card):  $100
Rookie card:  $130
Flats larger than 8x10 and up to 16x20:  $150
Flats larger than 16x20:  $215
Mini helmets:  $160
Mini logo football:  $160
Full size football:  $210
Full size helmet:  $225
Jersey:  $450
Jersey name plate:  $450
Jersey number:  $450

Inscriptions (3 words or less and athlete may abbreviate):  $50
(please note Mr. Monk considers his jersey number as an inscription)

HOF Gold Jacket; $750
HOF related items:  $50 upcharge
Odd ball items:  $50 + upcharge

+Our items

(Price includes signature, PSA authentication and return domestic economy shipping):

Custom Burgundy Stat jersey:  $525
Redskins full size replica helmet:  $550
Redskins AMP full size replica helmet:  $550
Redskins logo football:  $310
WFT Alternate Flash mini helmet:  $210
Redskins speed mini helmet:  $310
Redskins AMP mini helmet:  $310
Redskins Black Eclipse mini helmet:  $325
Reskins spear mini helmet:  $325
Redskins camo mini helmet:  $375
Redskins chrome mini helmet:  $450
*Redskins flat black mini helmet:  $375
*Redskins flat white mini helmet:  $375

(*please note while you will receive Riddell clamshell, it will not match the helmet)
(+ our inventory of each item is extremely limited.  Sales will be done by the order payment is received.  We cannot hold items without payment)

Ship your items to:

Leader In Sports
Attn:  (athlete name) Event
PO Box 613
Fredericksburg, VA  22404-0613

Please note payment is by check, money order only.  We will accept PayPal for our signings, but only if the Friends and Family option is used.  All other forms of payment will not be accepted and could result in your item(s) not being signed.

Please note items will not start shipping back until Mid June, 2022.  We will post pictures of the signing on our Facebook page.  We will also attempt to live stream at least a portion of the signing.

Public Autograph Event:


100% of the autograph fee will go directly to the Fredericksburg Regional Food Bank.

Legends Grille
10500 Spotsylvania Ave
Fredericksburg, VA  22408

DeAngelo Hall
Virginia Tech
Atlanta Falcons
Washington Redskins/Football Team/Commanders

*Autographs:  $45

*1 Inscription included
Additional inscriptions:  $15
Product pricing will be posted soon on our Facebook Page.

Please make autograph fee checks payable to:
Fredericksburg Regional Food Bank
Please include return shipping label, or seperate check for shipping made payable to: 
Leader In Sports

Credit cads are not accepted for mail order
At the event, credit cards will be accepted for the autograph/inscription fee
Products to be signed will be cash or check only

Leader In Sports
Attn:  (athlete name) Event
PO Box 613
Fredericksburg, VA  22404-0613


*Mail Order Policy:
Please include all contact information including email and phone number.  This can help insure we get your item signed.
Routinely we only have black, blue and silver sharpies.  If you request another type or color pen, please include the pen with your order.
We no longer ship or receive packages by carriers other than the USPS. 
If you wish to do a SASE for your mail order items, it must be done via USPS.
Please note we only accept cash, check or USPS money order for payment of mail order items.
Any item received without payment will not be signed. 
We will only hold items 14 days without payment before they are disposed of.  This includes the full amount of return shipping charges.

Please note that if you send an item to be signed, we will take our very best possible care of your item.  We are only liable for the cost of the autograph ticket if an item is damaged or lost.

When sending in an multi signed item to our events, please remove all certification cards from the package.  We cannot accept responsibility for the paperwork from previous signings.

Inscriptions Policy:

Inscriptions or personalizations are 3 words or one statisitc or less.  Abreviations are considered one word i.e. SB for Super Bowl
Most athletes tend to abbreviate inscriptions.  If the athlete feels the inscription should be abbreviated, then we will have to do that