About us

About us

Here at Pet-Pac we strive to help you help your pet, be safe a prepared for an emergency or a natural disaster. 

As we all saw the global media coverage of hurricane Sandy's and Katrina's savagery, Southern California's wildfires, and the floods in the Midwest revealed to millions upon Millions a dire need ! If we have learned anything in the past years major emergencies, we cannot always count on the government's agencies to come to our aid. It is left up to each of us to be prepared when a major emergency strikes. Helping you prepare for your family's and pet's safety is what we are here for !

As many can remember the heart breaking images of dedicated pet lovers having to leave their beloved pets behind due to evacuations ordered by government agencies. Even those who were luckily able to bring their pets with them were, in many cases unprepared to take care of their pats with little to no food or water. 

With the tragic aftermath of Katrina, and Sandy and other national natural disasters and emergencies, it has proved that we ALL need to be prepared at a moments notice. Not just for ourselves to leave at a moments notice but also for the animals that we love!

When homeowners are required to evacuate their homes they gather papers,photos, and other personal belongings in a matter of minutes. Our pets are our responsibility and it is left up to us to prepare and help our animals when it is needed. PET-PAC can help you help your pet.

The United States is continually struck with emergencies that cause evacuations of homes with pets. Every state has the potential for a major regional emergency.

 Are you and your pet prepared?