Large Flotation Jacket

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Sunset Yellow - Under the durable nylon, in bright sunset yellow and black colors, are variable thickness buoyancy cells to keep your pooch afloat. Adjustable ergonomic fit for all shapes and sizes. Includes an attachable chin float with a locking zipper, to keep their nose out of water. Completed by a low profile handle with D rings and reflective trim throughout. Ergonomic chin float - patent pending design helps to keep the nose out of the water - rounded and cupped for better fit. We are now using earth friendly foam - no pollution in the creation or recycling process of the foam. Duraflex, high-end slides and buckles, are used for added safety and strength. Updated look adds even more reflection for better visibility. Large Vest Measurements Length 20 in/50Cm Girth 30 - 45 inches

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