Germany Great War

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Fokker DR.1 Triplane (3)

Product no.: GEG-001

(was HA-301-F1) Famous triplane of the Red Baron, highly maneuverable.  

$7.50 / pack(s) *

Albatros D.V (3)

Product no.: GEG-002

(was HA-302-F1) One of the most common Central Powers fighters, can also be used for Albatros D.III.  

$7.50 / pack(s) *

Fokker D.VII (3)

Product no.: GEG-003

(was HA-303-F1) Many believe this was the best biplane fighter in the war. 

$7.50 / pack(s) *

Fokker E.III (3)

Product no.: GEG-004

(was HA-304-F1) The Fokker Scourge machine, can also be used for E.I and E.II.  

$7.50 / pack(s) *

Albatros D.II (3)

Product no.: GEG-005

(was HA-305-F1) Dominant fighter when it arrived at the front, can also be used for Albatros D.I.  

$7.50 / pack(s) *

DFW C.V (3)

Product no.: GEG-006

(was HA-306-F2) Most heavily produced ground support and observation 2-seater for the Central Powers, can also be used for C.IV. 

$8.50 / pack(s) *

Aviatik C.I (3)

Product no.: GEG-007

(was HA-307-F2) Ground support and observation 2-seater, used by the Central Powers - can also be used for C.II and B types. 

$8.50 / pack(s) *

Pfalz D.III (3)

Product no.: GEG-008

(was HA-308-F1) Sturdy fighter, well respected on the Western Front.  

$7.50 / pack(s) *

Gotha G.IV (2)

Product no.: GEG-009

(was HA-309-F4) Heavy long range bomber, the scourge of London.  

$8.50 / pack(s) *

Hannover CL.III (3)

Product no.: GEG-010

(was HA-310-F2) Very popular 2-seater observation and ground support, can also use for CL.II.  17% Discount for the current inventory reduction sale, which includes items cast in the original alloy, which contains lead. While supplies last!

$8.50 / pack(s) *

Halberstadt D.II (3)

Product no.: GEG-011

(was HA-311-F1) Common Western Front Fighter, can also be used for other D types. 

$7.50 / pack(s) *

Siemens Schuckert D.IV (3)

Product no.: GEG-012

(was HA-312-F1) Fighter, can also be used for D.III. 

$7.50 / pack(s) *

Junkers J.1 (3)

Product no.: GEG-014

(was HA-314-F2) 2-seater, sturdy ground attack aircraft. 

$8.50 / pack(s) *

Albatross D.III (3)

Product no.: GEG-015

Albatross D.III.  3 per pack

$7.50 / pack(s) *

Rumpler C.I (3)

Product no.: GEG-016

Rumpler C.I - 3 per pack

$8.50 / pack(s) *

Hannover CL.II (3)

Product no.: GEG-017

Hannover CL.II - 3 per pack

$8.50 / pack(s) *

Roland C.II (3)

Product no.: GEG-018

Roland C.II - 3 per pack

$8.50 / pack(s) *

Fokker D.VIII (3)

Product no.: GEG-019

Fokker D.VIII - 3 per pack

$7.50 / pack(s) *

GEG-20 Albatros C.III (2-seater) (3)

Product no.: GEG-020

GEG-20 Albatros C.III (2-seater) (3 per pack). 

Introduced late in 1915, the C.III was a formidable two-seater, serving in the frontlines through mid-1917. Armed with a forward firing MG as well as one for the observer, they were fierce opponents for early Allied scouts. Over 300 were at the front through 1916, so there were many potential game scenarios. Capable of speeds up to 100 MPH and altitudes up to 3,000m, these are very capable aircraft. Color scheme: usually the plywood fuselage is a wood or medium brown color, with unbleached linen wings and tail surfaces. Engine and MGs black.

$8.50 / pack(s) *

Albatros C.VII (2 seater) (3)

Product no.: GEG-021

Albatros C.VII (2 seater) (3 per pack) 

Introduced late in 1916, the C.VII was part of the second generation of Albatros two-seaters, serving in the frontlines through mid-1917. Armed with a forward firing MG as well as one for the observer, they were fierce opponents for Allied scouts. Built in a single large batch, over 300 were at the front in early 1917, but the numbers dropped off sharply later in the year. Outmatched by the more capable allied scouts reaching the front in mid-1917, many C.VIIs were shifted to trainers. Capable of speeds up to 90 MPH and altitudes up to 4,000m, these are very capable multi-purpose light attack aircraft. Color scheme: usually a 3 color scheme of brown, green, and cream, sometimes with the plywood fuselage in a tan color, with engine and MGs black.

$8.50 / pack(s) *

New Albatros C.V Mod 17 (3)

Product no.: GEG-022

Albatros C.V Mod 17 (3 per pack)

$8.50 / pack(s) *

New Rumpler C-IV (3)

Product no.: GEG-023

Rumpler C-IV (3 per pack)

$8.50 / pack(s) *

New Pfalz D.XII (3)

Product no.: GEG-024

Pfalz D.XII (3 per pack)

$7.50 / pack(s) *

New LVG C.VI (3)

Product no.: GEG-025

LVG C.VI (3 per pack) - Available May 2021

$8.50 / pack(s) *

New Halberstadt CL.II (3)

Product no.: GEG-026

Halberstadt CL.II (3 per pack).  Available May 2021

$8.50 / pack(s) *

New Roland D.VIb (3)

Product no.: GEG-027

Roland D.VIb (3 per pack). Available May, 2021.

$7.50 / pack(s) *

New Hansa-Brandenberg D.I (3)

Product no.: GEG-028

Hansa-Brandenberg D.I (3 per pack) Available May, 2021

$7.50 / pack(s) *
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