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Product no.: KKV-001
$24.95 / pack(s) *

Drones I (2) Acid Pistol

Product no.: KDO-001
These part-human drones are equipped with short range pistols firing acid pellets.
$7.95 / pack(s) *

Alpha Helions (5)

Product no.: KKO-001
The foundation of every Kryomek army is the Helions. The 5 all metal figures in this pack are a great value.
$7.95 / pack(s) *

Tracked Tank

Product no.: KKV-002
$24.95 / pack(s) *

Drones II (2) Twin Grenade Launchers

Product no.: KDO-002
Twin Grenade Launchers
$7.95 / pack(s) *

Warrior w/Single Molecule Blade & Bio-Acid Spray (2)

Product no.: KKO-002
Combining the close combat capabilities of the Single Molecule Sword with the flame-thrower like ability of the Bio-Acid Spray, these Warriors are deadly once they get in close.
$7.95 / pack(s) *

Grav Heavy Spore Launcher

Product no.: KKV-003
$24.95 / pack(s) *

Drones III Bio-Acid Jet (2)

Product no.: KDO-003

Kryomek-human hybrid with Bio-Acid Jet

$7.95 / pack(s) *

Warrior w/Bio-Acid Jet (2)

Product no.: KKO-003
These Warriors carry the Kryomek heavy flamethrower, spraying corrosive acid that is deadly to humans and tanks alike. A large template describes the area covered by its acid.
$7.95 / pack(s) *

Tracked Heavy Spore Launcher

Product no.: KKV-004
$24.95 / pack(s) *

Drones IV w/Claws (2)

Product no.: KDO-004

Kryomek-human hybrids with special claws

$7.95 / pack(s) *

Warrior w/Single Molecule Blade (2)

Product no.: KKO-004
The vast majority of Warriors are optimized for close combat, as are this pair with deadly swords that can slice through armor plate.
$7.95 / pack(s) *

New Grav Bio-Pod Cannon

Product no.: KKV-005
$24.95 / pack(s) *

Drones V Single Molecule Cleaver & Sword (2)

Product no.: KDO-005

Kryomek-human hybrid with Single Molecule Cleaver & Sword

$7.95 / pack(s) *

Warrior w/Two Single Molecule Blades (2)

Product no.: KKO-005
Agile enough to use two deadly blades apiece, these Warriors slice their way through Nexus troops.
$7.95 / pack(s) *

Tracked Bio-Pod Cannon

Product no.: KKV-006
$24.95 / pack(s) *

Warrior w/Single Molecule Blade & Shield(2)

Product no.: KKO-006
These Warriors carry a shield to help them survive Nexus fire until they are close enough to use their deadly blades.
$7.95 / pack(s) *

Grav Helion Drone Carrier

Product no.: KKV-007
$24.95 / pack(s) *

Warmaster w/Plasmid Cloud Duster & Cleaver

Product no.: KKO-007
Warmasters are the battlefield commanders of the Kryomek. Huge, snake-like, intelligent and deadly in their own right, these Warmasters strike fear in the hearts of the toughest Nexus marines. The Plasmid Cloud Duster shoots a cloud of corrosive particles out to short range. The Single Molecule Cleaver can slice through anything it can reach.
$7.95 / pack(s) *

Tracked Helion Drone Carrier

Product no.: KKV-008
$24.95 / pack(s) *

Warrior w/Spore Launcher (2)

Product no.: KKO-008
The long range weapon of the Kryomek, Spore Launchers have unlimited range! Now they can shoot back at the humans.
$7.95 / pack(s) *

Warmaster w/Corroder Lance

Product no.: KKO-009
The Corroder Lance melts just about anything. With a 10 inch template, it can reach out and touch you! Combined with a tough, armor class 2 Warmaster, you have one deadly combination.
$7.95 / pack(s) *

Alpha Helions w/Tails I (3)

Product no.: KKO-010
More deadly Helion types, looking for food.
$7.95 / pack(s) *

Beta & Gamma Helions w/Tails II (3)

Product no.: KKO-011
These Helions have enhanced abilities due to their genetic engineering.
$7.95 / pack(s) *

Alpha Helions III (3)

Product no.: KKO-012
The original Alpha model Helion, still fast, still deadly, still hungry for human flesh! (These cyclos taste kind of spicy.)
$7.95 / pack(s) *

Beta & Gamma Helions IV (3)

Product no.: KKO-013
More of the improved strains of Helions, adapted to fight humans on their own terms.
$7.95 / pack(s) *

Beta & Gamma Helions V (3)

Product no.: KKO-014
Still more Helions, pouring out of the hive to devour everything in their path. (What do you mean you're full, Helions are never full! Eat your human before it spoils.)
$7.95 / pack(s) *

Alpha Helions VI (3)

Product no.: KKO-015
Yet more Helions to add diversity to your swarm.
$7.95 / pack(s) *


Product no.: KKO-016
The Reaper gathers in human prey, alive or dead, to be melded with Kryomek bodies to create Drones
$7.95 / pack(s) *

Helions VII (3)

Product no.: KKO-017
The latest Helion models, eager to leave the hive and hunt down some humans.
$7.95 / pack(s) *
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1 - 30 of 31 results


The Kryomek have mutated Warriors into armored combat vehicles. Living organisms under the control of Warmasters that can fight human tanks on equal terms.