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MegaCorp Descriptions

Product no.: D-0005

Contains descriptions of the MegaCorp security troops and the different MegaCorps.

$0.00 *

MegaCorps in Nexus Region

Product no.: D-0006

A brief introduction to the MegaCorps that exist in the Nexus region of space.

$0.00 *

Nexus Hovercraft Vehicle Statistics

Product no.: D-0016

Game statistics for the Nexus hovercraft vehicles in the resin products range.

$0.00 *

Nexus Predator Marines Introduction

Product no.: D-0018

Background and optional rules for the Nexus Predator Marines.

$0.00 *

Kryomek Identification

Product no.: D-0019

How to identify the different strains of Kryomek creatures.

$0.00 *

Mercenaries and Alien Races

Product no.: D-0020

Describes the mercenaries and alien races that enter the Nexus region of space during the Kryomek incursion.

$0.00 *

NCO Optional Rules

Product no.: D-0021

 Optional Kryomek rules describing the game abilities of NCOs.

$0.00 *

Kryomek Starter Rules

Product no.: D-0027

All the rules needed to start fighting in the Kryomek Universe.

$0.00 *
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